BLoC Architecture

What is BLoC? BLoC (Business Logic Component) is an architectural model based on separate components (BLoC components). BLoC components contain only business logic, which can easily be shared between different Dart applications. This architecture was introduced by Google during Google I / O 2019. Currently, the BLoC architecture is the…

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Get Phone Contacts

In the current age, Contacts is very useful in mobile app for sharing. Here I try to implement Get phone contacts in Flutter App. You can Download Source Code via Github. Form here we start to implement, First we add lib file in .yaml file Add the following libs to your pubspec.yaml file:…

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Bottom Sheet

There are many types of popup in Mobile application development. All have different role in development. Here we try to implement bottom sheet popup in Flutter. You can Download Source Code via Github. Convert data source into widgets main.dart You can Download Source Code via Github.

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